60 - Boosting Ruminant Performance with Live Yeast by Dr. Jhones Sarturi

Oct 31, 2023

Ruminant metabolism is central to the dairy industry, profoundly influencing the health, productivity, and overall well-being of dairy cattle. Among various nutritional strategies, the inclusion of yeast, particularly live yeast, has gained significant attention. This yeast positively impacts rumen fermentation and digestion, enhancing nutrient utilization. In this episode, Dr. Jhones Sarturi, a Texas Tech University expert in ruminant physiology, delves into these aspects, emphasizing the importance of feeding behavior, yeast-mediated nutrient distribution, and holistic approaches to enhancing animal resilience and efficiency, all while underlining effective communication in the industry.


What you'll learn: 

○ Animal nutrition and feeding behavior

○ Exploring live yeast strategies

○ The oxidative environment and rumen health

○ Oxidative stress and development of papilla

○ Nutritional needs of high-producing animals


 Meet the guest:

Dr. Jhones Sarturi


○ Current: Associate Professor at the Texas Tech University

○ Past: Assistant Professor at the Texas Tech University



      ○ Ph.D., Animal Science (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

      ○ M.Sc., Agronomy, Animal Science and Forages (University of Sao Paulo)

      ○ DMV, Veterinary Medicine (University for the Development of the State and the Pantanal Region)


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