#41 - Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon: The power of management focused on calf welfare

dairy podcast Jun 22, 2023

Given the increasing concerns from consumers regarding the welfare of cows, particularly calves, it is crucial to prioritize and ensure the well-being of the animals. However, this responsibility should not be viewed only as an obligation, but also as an opportunity to enhance both animal comfort and production outcomes. In this episode, we delve into calf welfare with the comprehensive considerations of Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon. She talks about the pros and cons of individual and group housing systems, strategies to reduce abnormal behaviors and cross-suckling in calves, as well as holistic approaches for managing calves until weaning.


What you'll learn: 

1.The feeding behavior of calves in group housing

2.The abnormal suckling behaviors of calves

3.The long-term impacts of social behavior on calves

4.Calf social housing

5.Interactions between calves and humans


Meet the guest:

Dr. Emily Miller-Cushon 


      ○ Current:  Associate Professor at the University of Florida

      ○ Past: Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior at the University of Florida; Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Guelph


       ○ Ph.D., Animal Behavior and Welfare (the University of Guelph)

       ○ B.Sc.; Mathematical Physics, Biophysics (the University of Waterloo)

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